Global Deal in 90 Days

Our client provides business critical financial, risk, legal, tax and other data to customers across the world. In October 2013 our client approached This Partners with what seemed to be a hugely ambitious outsourcing challenge, summarized by a short list of key principles:

  • To reduce operating costs across the global enterprise systems organization by more than 30%
  • To increase service delivery flexibility
  • To transform the delivery organization by leveraging best practice available in the market place
  • To ensure service continuity; and
  • To select a supplier and reach signature on a fully negotiated deal within 12 weeks.

In this environment, it was clear that a typical, ‘traditional’ sourcing approach would not work. We needed to ensure that we designed a selection process that was agile, yet robust and transparent and that the negotiation process would be streamlined, thorough and focused on the critical business outcomes and commercial requirements for our client.

This Partners mobilised a small, highly experienced team with deep expertise in large deal commercials, supplier engagement and financial analysis. Working in a highly collaborative manner with our client, we developed an accelerated plan to engage with the supplier community as rapidly as possible and ensure their buy in to the key principles of success for the programme.

What followed was an intense period of closely orchestrated sessions with the shortlisted suppliers, working collaboratively with them to develop solution options. As each supplier proposal was developed, This Partners ran a carefully calibrated scoring process that allowed comparisons to be made across a range of quite different commercial and operational models. After six weeks of intense collaboration and review the programme was in a position to recommend a preferred supplier to the client’s leadership team.

With leadership team approval received, the team then switched efforts from solution evaluation to an intense contract negotiation phase. A collaborative approach was again used, working closely with the supplier, client delivery team and legal counsel from both parties. The teams were able to celebrate signing this significant deal three days before Christmas, just twelve weeks after the process had begun.

Against many expectations at the outset, the deal that was signed provided commitment that all of the client initial guiding principles would be met. This Partners have since worked closely with our client to help facilitate service transition and to establish robust supplier governance processes.