Mega Deal, Mega Results

One of This Partners’ major clients needed to address two key challenges: excess complexity and excess cost in its IT infrastructure and operations. It engaged This Partners to help progress, at rapid pace, its agenda of alignment of IT with its business strategy during a period of unprecedented change.

The client’s senior management and CxO team identified that it had an exceptional opportunity for strategic transformation through the selection of a world class IT partner. To achieve this, it needed an organisation to support it through the sourcing phase – one which it could trust, with sound credentials, strong values and importantly, an agile and collaborative approach that would move at “unreasonable pace” in a dynamic and fast changing business environment. After careful consideration, it chose This Partners as its sourcing advisors.

This Partners worked closely with senior stakeholders to develop and document a clear Vision, Strategy and Objectives which enabled a compelling message to be taken to market. This enabled highly professional market engagement, which engaged senior stakeholders from within the client organisation and five of the world’s leading IT infrastructure providers. Throughout the sourcing process, from strategy development to contract signature, thisWay engendered collaboration and helped to build valuable relationships with the service providers involved in the competition. Ultimately this resulted in a deep understanding of the client’s requirements and enabled the chosen service provider to deliver solutions that met all client’s objectives. All of this was achieved in a spirit of collaboration, with our client and service provider working together to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. The benefits of collaborative sourcing were clear to the client, whose sourcing management team adopted the approach and applied the same principles to the day to day interactions through contract governance.

In this case, the scope of the initiative was the client’s entire global IT infrastructure with approximately 600 in-scope staff, ~20,000 servers and ~55,000 users located across approximately 350 operating locations. The benefits delivered to our client were significant, including:

  • Successful, 'over' achievement of the client’s objective of halving their IT infrastructure costs;
  • Significant reduction in the complexity of its overall service delivery model;
  • Guaranteed flexibility for volume changes to meet changing business requirements; and
  • Services and service levels that are fit for purpose in the current business environment.

All of this was successfully achieved in nine months, with the signing of a deal with a value of ~$1bn in early 2013.