thisWay: Modular. Simple. Effective.

‘Vector’ is our framework for successful IT outsourcing. It delivers exceptional results for our clients by being flexible and agile whilst focusing on positive business outcomes, innovation and collaboration.

Our integrated, modular and business focused approach comprises:

  • Health Check & Remediation: assessing performance to identify opportunities for improvement and IT transformation; managing focused initiatives to fix failing relationships.
  • Strategy Development & Implementation: helping clients to develop, implement and achieve their Vision, Strategy and Objectives.
  • Market Engagement, Supplier Management & Selection: enabling clients to engage the market with confidence to harness the best available supplier capability to deliver exceptional, innovative solutions.
  • Benefits Management & Realisation: employing our proprietary Benefits Management Framework to ensure the expected benefits are sustainably delivered.

Every engagement is tailored to specific client requirements and our collaborative approach and deep experience of global outsourcing achieves remarkable results; reducing risk, lowering costs and improving performance.