An outsourcing contract isn't just for Christmas...

Much like puppies, outsourcing partners need careful selection to ensure the perfect fit. They need rules and reward to promote the right behaviours and regular attention and stimulation to continually deliver the best outcomes. Yet all too often, the actual outcomes are far from what was expected. At This Partners, we use our deep experience and pragmatic approach to help our clients solve complex sourcing challenges and implement innovative solutions that deliver the outcomes that create long term business value.

Wayfinder: lowering risk, reducing cost and simplifying process

Wayfinder is a modular engagement framework that addresses the challenges and complexities of modern IT sourcing. Combining disruptive thinking and tailored analysis, Wayfinder brings the levels of clarity and insight needed to deliver transformational change. By lowering risk, reducing cost and simplifying process, Wayfinder enables clients to progress with the confidence that their sourcing operations will both maximise value and accelerate the strategic business agenda.

Your trusted IT sourcing advisor for lasting positive impact

This Partners is a leading sourcing advisory firm trusted by senior executives of many of the world’s largest and most successful organisations. Our difference is in our DNA. Our values of Trust, Honesty, Integrity & Simplicity, combined with an absolute focus on sourcing and transformation, our exceptional people and a truly agile, “hands on” approach ensure that we consistently achieve exceptional results for our clients.

Seizing the Moment

The events of 2020 have shaken the global business community to its core. While disruption continues, a picture is beginning to emerge of how businesses might rethink and reshape themselves for what lies ahead. As always, good CIO decision-making and IT strategy are key to positioning organisations for long-term success. Our latest thought leadership article presents unfiltered insight and opinion from some of the most respected IT leaders.

Pragmatic, outcome driven Sourcing Advice

We help our clients succeed by combining our experience, insight and core capabilities with unrivalled speed, agility and business focus. Our success stories range from global transactions for some of the world’s largest organisations, to smaller, more focused engagements for clients with specific needs. Regardless of project value or complexity, clients rely on our independence and balanced perspective to deliver rapid business success.