Seizing the Moment

The events of 2020 have shaken the global business community to its core. While disruption continues, a picture is beginning to emerge of how businesses might rethink and reshape themselves for what lies ahead. As always, good CIO decision-making and IT strategy are key to positioning organisations for long-term success.

At This Partners, we wanted to take a snapshot of global transformational thinking from both sides of the equation: client and supplier. To that end, we assembled a panel of industry thought-leaders for a virtual round-table discussion on what just happened, where we’re at now, and where we might go next.

Our panel members are all respected C-level figures from globally recognised organisations. They didn’t always agree with each other, but they all provided clear, unfiltered insight and some serious food for thought.

Our discussion focused on five key areas:

1. The accelerated need for transformative change
2. The intensification of budget and resource pressures
3. The rising demand for flexibility
4. Our increasingly virtual existence
5. The evolution of client/supplier partnerships

We hope you find this unique discussion as interesting and thought provoking as we did, and that it might help inform your own thinking and decisions on future strategy.