Wayfinder is a modular sourcing engagement framework that transforms IT sourcing: lowering risk, reducing cost and simplifying process.

Senior IT and procurement leaders are under constant pressure to obtain the best possible value from IT sourcing. Sadly, the IT sourcing landscape is becoming increasingly complex and is often characterised by excess and unbudgeted cost, poor supplier relationships, significant complexity and unclear direction.

Wayfinder addresses these challenges by combining disruptive thinking and tailored analysis with our deep experience, which shows that issues typically emanate from 6 key areas. Wayfinder examines:

  • Spend Proficiency
  • Supplier Landscape
  • Contract Effectiveness
  • Organisational Capability
  • Sourcing Governance
  • Strategic Performance

Practitioner led, Wayfinder generates results, fast. It accelerates the realisation of tangible benefits and provides senior leaders with confidence by pinpointing the root cause of client challenges, identifying tangible opportunities for value creation and providing a clear, actionable roadmap for positive change.

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Wayfinder: lowering risk, reducing cost & simplifying process