Building a robust, foundational business case and exploring the "art of the possible" for a leading UK bank

Our client, a leading UK bank, engaged This Partners to provide strategic advice regarding possible options around exiting their existing data centres.

The existing infrastructure was mainly hosted on premise in "campus" locations. There had been a small number of important service and risk issues which had raised concerns about the long term viability of hosting and running Data Centres. This Partners reviewed the services delivered, the organisation structure, associated costs and presented a view of 'the art of the possible'. This included options to maintain / upgrade the current infrastructure, moving to a third party cloud solution and a hybrid (on premise and cloud) model. Each option included our opinion of the multi year business case view for each option, likely costs, benefits, dependencies and major risks. Our assessment also included a review of the property estate, the accounting treatment of each option and possible financial engineering options.

Our advice helped the client make an informed decision to move to the Cloud based on a review of the existing costs, services, organisation, estate and risks and the business case developed became the foundation for the overall sourcing programme.