Cloud Contract Reset

Our client was approaching completion of a wholescale cloud transformation programme following their separation from their parent company. This ambitious programme had involved the migration of all existing services into the cloud in record timescales. As the organisation prepared for a shift to normal operations it was clear that some aspects of the contract needed revisiting: boundaries between supplier and customer had become blurred in areas as all parties focused on the successful service transition. New requirements had also come to light which had not been foreseen when the contract was signed which was resulting in cost concerns for both parties.

Working closely with the client and their supplier, This Partners carried out a project to identify issues across the full scope of services and to agree a joint plan of action that would ensure that the contract was fully aligned with current requirements. In some cases this meant that additional services were needed from the supplier, in others it was a reinforcement and strengthening of existing contract provisions. We facilitated multiple sessions with the operational teams to thrash out misunderstandings and operational issues, using these sessions to generate a refreshed contract which all parties agreed matched the current business needs. We then addressed commercial implications of these changes to ensure that costs were realistic but minimised for both supplier and the client.

As a result, the client was able to rebuild trust with their services partner and renew their agreement on a much stronger footing for long term success.