Rapid and wide-reaching commercial support for a newly created food manufacturer

This Partners worked closely with this newly created company over a period of 9 months during a process of intense work to implement a full suite of new technology services. We supported the rapid engagement of multiple IT suppliers, ensuring that commercial agreements were robust and that costs were effectively challenged.
In taking on this role we transitioned several of the negotiations from an incumbent advisory firm, leading these through to conclusion. Our role included:

  • Working with the legal and procurement teams to support (and in some cases lead) negotiations with nine separate IT software and services suppliers.
  • Running a short but rigorous competitive selection process for non-ERP Run services, and leading the subsequent contract negotiations with the successful vendor.
  • Establishing commercial governance and “CR” review processes with the lead ERP vendor in order to get build spend under control.
  • Supporting the finance team, including building the IT budget and implementing strengthened financial and budget management controls across IT.

This was an extremely dynamic and challenging environment, with great pressure on costs and timescales as well as a very high degree of change. In starting the engagement we were challenged to “earn our keep” by generating enough savings to cover our own costs, which we were proud to very comfortably achieve, with an overall direct saving of c.£10m on the negotiations we inherited.