Building a programme foundation to support a National Payments Infrastructure

Our client engaged This Partners as a strategic advisor at the outset of a complex sourcing process in order to provide assurance to their overall sourcing approach and commercial design.

Our work included the research, evaluation and development of all potential service providers (the "long list") who had the capability and/or had provided such similar services in other countries. This Partners ‘courted’ the service providers to determine appetite and interest and ensure there was an appropriate level of senior commitment and sponsorship. Our work included development and quality assurance of key market communications, including prospectus and the development of robust sourcing programme fundamentals - including governance, risk management, planning and communication.

On the back of our engagement, our client moved ahead with their sourcing program confident in the knowledge that the complex network of internal stakeholders which included Board, NEDs and many major banks were aligned regarding sourcing approach, the service provider community was engaged at suitably senior levels and the programme team had the fundamentals in place to manage for success.