Bid support for the development of a critical sales proposal for an international services provider

Our deep understanding of IT services is grounded in the first-hand experience our team have each gained in their time working for service providers before moving into advisory roles. This experience is critical in the value we deliver to our clients, but also makes us very well placed to support the supplier community, either with practical project support or with commercial and bid support. These are services we only provide where no conflict of interest exists – i.e. where the supplier is providing or bidding for services with an organisation with which we have no existing relationship.

In this example, we were engaged by a global technology provider to provide bid assurance to a very large UK infrastructure proposal. This involved quickly establishing a trusted relationship with the supplier sales executive and their team, gaining a thorough understanding of the customer requirements and then providing independent challenge to the supplier proposal as it was developed.

We provided a comprehensive review of bid materials at several key stages of the proposal development process. This included detailed written feedback and recommendations on storyboards and sales pitches, as well as meeting with the entire sales team for Q&A sessions. Our feedback covered all aspects of the bid from technical issues to writing style and “look and feel” aspects.

As a result of our comprehensive and objective advice the bid team were able to prepare a compelling proposal for their target client.