Improved end-user experience, lower costs and a simpler contract for a leading global steel manufacturer

Our client had a clear goal: to consolidate two key vendor contracts and create a simpler, unified global End User Services capability, which would in turn reduce costs and deliver an enhanced user experience for its global, highly diversified workforce.

This Partners was engaged to drive the overall programme, from clarification of requirements and collaborative market engagement, to vendor selection, assurance of the proposed solutions and contract negotiation. By developing clear Vision, Strategy & Objectives, we were able to lead a collaborative market engagement that enabled potential vendors to quickly understand the client’s “must haves” and develop highly tailored, innovative solutions rather than boilerplate “off the shelf” offerings. Once a preferred vendor was selected, focus was made assuring the overall solution: getting into the technical detail, removing assumptions and developing a robust transition and transformation plan.

In parallel to assuring the technical solution, we also paid close attention to the overall commercial negotiation and contract structure. Our goal: remove the unnecessary, clarify the unclear and build a commercial model that would enable the client to focus on its business as opposed to micro-managing its supplier.

The end result: enhanced service levels, lower costs and an enhanced end-user experience underpinned with a simpler yet more robust contract.