Maximising the benefits from single source sourcing

Our client had engaged a service provider for 6 months and was frustrated by the overall lack of progress. This Partners was engaged to put the programme ‘back on track’, influence the overall solution, shape the commercial model and build the business case for board approval.

Initially we needed to create a common perspective and help put different parts of the organisation on the ‘same page’ regarding requirements, benefits and risks. In parallel, we prepared the data required for the Service Provider to build their solution and de-risk their commercial offer, including a comprehensive financial base case and detailed technical data.

Through a series of collaborative workshops focussed on both parties refining and agreeing requirements, the Service Provider was able to ‘test’ its solution ahead of submitting an offer. This offer was evaluated and the business case which included ‘financing’ options, was presented to the Board. Our client was subsequently able to make an informed decision on the back of a fully evaluated solution supported by a robust business case, well defined key terms and underpinned with significant savings.