Multi-vendor transition and solution integration for the world's safest airline

After our successful completion of a complex sourcing programme, our client requested This Partners to lead the global transition and transformation activities on their behalf, managing the relationships between winning supplier, incumbent suppliers and internal stakeholders The programme was led by Tony Milton, one of our partners.

We first established a set of programme fundamentals through the implementation of robust programme governance, solution assurance and stakeholder management. In parallel, we ensured that all parties were working to a sufficiently detailed and well communicated plan, with a clearly defined critical path. Dependencies were communicated, understood, and agreed and third-party contracts were documented and an approach for each was developed and executed. To maintain control, we focused heavily on robust knowledge transfer, developing simple tri-partite agreeements and holding weekly tri-partite sessions. Day to day tasks were handled in a manner that maintained programme speed yet minimised the need for client intervention. We ensured critical milestones were delivered on time and to budget.

Internal stakeholder management was key and by implementing comprehensive governance, including monthly ‘all-hands’ IT town halls and frequent updates to affected business units, we were able to minimise disruption and ensure that the overall benefits were delivered. With the programme completed successfully, to budget and the desired outcomes realised, our client was suitably delighted.