Divestments, Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Divestments, Mergers & Acquisitions (DMA) present increasingly complex IT challenges to senior leaders.

Our deep experience of advising clients on complex, transformative DMA programmes enables us to quickly identify and act upon the specific intricacies and challenges that typically “make or break” the programme, as well as bringing efficiency and acceleration to the core activities that need to be undertaken. Our pragmatic, framework driven approach means that we bring control and simplicity during times of immense complexity and stress during M&A, divestment and internal separation activity.

We typically engage at the outset of programmes to test and refine client vision and strategy and help scope, plan and accelerate. We work collaboratively and pride ourselves on “rolling our sleeves up and doing” as opposed to simply providing advice. We know that our clients want expert professionals who they can trust to simply “get the job done”, in a collaborative manner and working within the client’s overall programme structure. Whilst every transaction is different, our approach predominantly focuses on a series of DMA principles that drive lasting positive impact:

  • Define requirements clearly and be ruthless in the definition of “musts and wants”
  • Be forensic with the business case to avoid surprises and maximise commercial leverage
  • Standardise and simplify: bespoke solutions drive complexity and cost, and create a foundation for chaos
  • Never underestimate the subtleties of people and communication: our experience is that overcommunication is impossible
  • Think long term and consider how future operations will be both managed and funded in later years and how the inevitable business change will be accommodated
  • Ensure that corporate strategy and vision is realised in all planning and execution work

Our approach helps clients, which include IT and business leaders on both the buy and sell side, navigate the complex challenges and obstacles of DMA and ensure that the overall objectives and business goals are achieved.