Finland sourcing & transformation

With 188,000 lakes, Santa, the world’s cleanest air and an insatiable appetite for coffee, Finland is a unique Northern European gem.

This Partners has been active in Finland since 2012, advising leading clients on a wide range of challenging IT sourcing and transformational initiatives. Our clients, whilst unique and spanning many industries, share a common viewpoint: remaining class leading by driving innovation, focusing on long term business value and continually striving for excellence.

After many years of operating in Finland we’ve become well respected thought leaders. We understand how business works in Finland and never underestimate the importance of Finnish culture and ways of working. We’ve spent many years working in our collaborative, “sleeves rolled up” manner with our Finnish clients and from strategy development through to transition and transformation management, our clients trust – and expect - us to “get the job done” simply and without fuss.

Our approach harnesses our proven sourcing and transformation frameworks, including Vector and Wayfinder, and combines them with our deep experience of solving complex challenges for our Finnish clients. Our pragmatic, proven approach brings global insights and applies them at a local level, ensuring we bring control and simplicity during times of often immense complexity. Recent projects in Finland have included:

  • Sourcing strategy development
  • IT outsourcing (covering first and subsequent contract generations)
  • M&A, divestment and internal separation activity
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Service integration
  • SaaS and software license negotiations
  • Existing supplier agreement optimisation, remediation & renegotiation

Our approach, team and experience drives one thing above all others: long term success and business value realisation for our clients.