IT Spend Analysis & Optimisation

Technology leaders are increasingly under pressure to maximise the value from every penny of IT spend. And in times of economic turmoil and uncertainty, the opportunities to do so are increasingly rare.

Whilst many organisations have significant IT spend data, it is frequently fragmented, incomplete and fails to present a clear, comprehensive picture of the total IT spend. Consequently, expenditure is often excessive, uninformed, inadvertently hidden and incorrectly accounted for.

Organisations need a deep understanding of their spend ecosystem: what, how, why, when and importantly, who. Simply having thousands of lines of purchase order data isn’t enough. Successful businesses need clear, structured information that is accurate and actionable.

This Partners approach to IT Spend Analysis & Optimisation combines our extensive, real world experience of complex, transformational sourcing transactions and Spendkey, a market leading AI driven spend analysis platform. Using AI and proprietary algorithms, Spendkey identifies, categorises and analyses IT spend and presents data in a dashboard format that enables us to apply our experience and deliver rich insights that bring lasting benefits to clients which include:

  • Actionable insights and recommendations that directly enable cost reduction, supplier consolidation and budget optimisation
  • Comprehensive, easy to understand IT spend information that covers the entire organisation
  • Rapid delivery of IT Spend Analysis & Optimisation without excessive demands on client resources

To learn more about how our IT Spend Analysis & Optimisation approach can deliver these benefits to your organisation, contact us.