Sourcing strategy development & implementation

The development and implementation of robust sourcing strategy is at the core of what we do. We help clients develop and clarify their Vision, Strategy and Objectives (VSO) and ensure that it is aligned to the strategic goals of the organisation.

Our experience has shown that good strategy is both imperative and multifaceted – but that prescriptive, “checklist” development approaches often fail to capture the real issues or drive innovation. We focus on understanding the root causes of issues, rather than simply accepting “what we are told”, which we achieve by an unyielding focus on regular stakeholder engagement and good governance. We bring our experience, insight and independence and are never reluctant to ask difficult questions or challenge our clients – regardless of how uncomfortable this may be for both parties – to get the best possible results.

Consequently, we are recognised by our clients as having a rare ability to bring clarity and focus, which when combined with our pragmatism, enables the development of robust yet simple strategy that enables the achievement of exceptional outcomes.