Target Operating Model

A well designed, operationally efficient and strategically aligned IT operating model is key to achieving the desired business outcomes from any major sourcing programme. Done well, it reduces risk, cost and complexity whilst driving innovation and maximising the potential value of the sourcing arrangement. Sadly, developing the “Target Operating Model” (TOM) is often given insufficient focus and often becomes a rushed, last minute, box ticking exercise.

This Partners takes a holistic view to TOM development and has deep experience of helping clients define, implement and optimise the target operating model. We focus on ensuring that the TOM contains the necessary skills, diversity and real-world experience to successfully deliver within complex supplier landscapes. This of course means ensuring that the relationship with the users of the services is suitably robust, transparent and business focused.

We bring decades of experience of operating within client, supplier and consulting organisations, which in turn ensures we understand the dynamics and idiosyncrasies of an effective target operating model. By engaging early and focusing on developing clear Vision, Strategy and Objectives, we create a clear, robust and fit-for-purpose client Target Operating Models that:

  • enable clients to remain fully in control and maximise the business value of the relationship
  • minimise the size of the client retained organisation whilst retaining sufficient levels of operational, technical and commercial expertise
  • maintain sufficient levels of business / local knowledge to ensure services stay relevant
  • considers and addresses the behavioural, personnel and communication challenges that are associated with complex change
  • optimises the supplier landscape to ensure maximum value is delivered whilst ensuring that integration and ownership obligations are unambiguous and well understood

Our proven approach helps client implement clear, robust and fit-for-purpose Target Operating Models that maximise value whilst minimising cost, risk and complexity.